Jason is the co-owner of the Desert Showdown Cheer Competition. He has  a  Bachelors Degree from Grand Canyon University in English Education  and a Masters Degree from the University of Phoenix in Administration.  He was a junior high English teacher in Gilbert for seven years and has  his Principal's Certificate from Department of Education. He was a  cheerleader for 16 years and has coached for the past 21 years. Jason   worked for the National Cheerleaders Association for ten years as a   professional cheerleader, teaching camps across the country and in   Japan. He has choreographed and trained many nationally ranked teams at  all levels junior high, high school, collegiate and all-stars  throughout the years. Jason and his wife Krystal have spoken and judged  at the  state and national level. Jason is certified through the USASF,  National Federation, AFFA, CPR and Sports Safety

Jason Mitchell

Krystal is the co-owner of the Desert Showdown Cheer Competition. She  has been involved in the cheerleading industry for 21 years. Prior to  working in the cheerleading business, Krystal was a sales consultant and managerĀ  for three national companies. Krystal has over 15 years of  sales and  marketing experience. Krystal spent five years working for  Cheerleader  and Dance Team as a territory manager and three years  working for the National Cheerleaders Association. She has spoke and  judged for several  state and national companies for the past seven  years. Krystal is certified  through the USASF, the National Federation, CPR and Sports Safety  Certification through the American Red Cross.

Krystal Mitchell


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