Admission into the competition will be $10 for adults and students with a school ID,
Children 5 and under will be free.  Doors  will open 1 hour before the start of the event.

 Registration for all teams will be held outside the east entrance (main entrance) to the  gymnasium.We will not have a coaches meeting for school teams, but we  will have a coaches meeting for all-star coaches at 10:30AM. We will  meet at the registration table..

2018 - 2019 EVENTS


Warm-up for all teams will be in  the school cafeteria. You will have 5 minutes to stretch, 5 minutes on the tumble strip, 5 minutes to warm-up  stunts and 5 minutes to walk through routine. From this area, you will  be escorted to the  gymnasium to compete. Please make sure you report to the warm-up area  ten minutes prior to your teams scheduled warm-up  time.


All  individuals and stunt groups will receive medals for their placement and all teams will receive banners for their placement.

BOW TO BOWbowtobowThe Bow to  Bow Showdown will be for those divisions that have more  than two teams  in their division. Remember this is where at awards that the top two  teams in these divisions will be named and ask to perform  again right  away so please make sure they are dressed in full uniform.  At this point the judges will make the final decision of 1st and 2nd  place for their  division



High Point will be given at each level in All-Stars.  Grand Champions will be awarded with the high score in both the school divisions and  the All-Star divisions. The top two schools teams will  compete again  for grand champions.  This score will be based off the  original score  given by the judges and the Bow to Bow Showdown will not  play into this award.


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